Antico Forno Roscioli

Antico Forno Roscioli, panificio a Roma dal 1972

Attivo dal 1972, Antico Forno Roscioli è uno dei più antichi forni a Roma. Tra le specialità del panificio si possono annoverare la pizza (anche in teglia) alla romana e la focaccia romana. Il panificio fornisce anche prodotti da forno per gli hotel e la ristorazione romana.


The Rosciolis

The love for the white art and the bread making is a family trait. Several artisans’ generations put their experience and creativity to the service of Antico Forno Roscioli’s customers. Today the not easy task of satisfying every day Romans’ taste (and not only Romans’) is entrusted to Pierluigi and Alessandro: they have to carry the “baton” through simple and authentic rituals, like baking bread every morning, listening to our customers’ demands and stories, giving them a smile and a sincere hello. Our secret? …Maybe it’s in our philosophy, in considering our job not actually like a job, but as a real art.


The Story

Our story is intertwined with the history of the city, and it starts when Marco Roscioli buys out a very ancient furnace – whose original structure dates back to Rome in 1824 – to give every day to his countrymen the best bread possible. Many years have passed, and to the Antico Forno Roscioli arrived Anna Pierluigi, Alessandro and Maria Elena.

We have a story made of everyday moments, of encounters with generations of customers and friends, of smiles after a taste of our bread or our pizza. It ‘a family story also for the close relationship we have naturally established with our historic customers.

il forno

Antico forno

Our goals wouldn’t certainly be possible without two key ingredients: tradition and evolution.

Tradition is in the ingredients, the result of careful selection, and in the techniques, that we pass on from generation to generation.

Evolution because we have been able to renew our Antico Forno, adapting it to the new technologies, and for our ability to offer always tasty news to our customers, while maintaining stable our most famous products, savory and sweet, that we bake every day to meet your demands.

gli impasti

The Doughs

Creating a good bread is not something easy. It requires knowledge of raw materials, of the kneading techniques, of the leavening and maturation times. But above all it requires passion.

Our doughs start from afar, from the selection of quality ingredients. We try use always and only the rougher flours because they offer a higher intake of minerals and are richer in taste. They allow us to use less salt in the mix, to increase hydration and to lengthen the time of leavening and maturation, making our products easier to digest. The taste of our bread doesn’t derive from the addition of flavor enhancers, but from a deliberate choice to use only organic salt of the salt pans of Paceco, in Sicily, from the use of high quality flour and from the work made with the “biga” and the yeast base.

In the bread making, the protagonists are the ingredients. If they are of quality, and if passionate and experienced people manipulate them, it becomes almost “natural” to churn out a great bread every day.



cassetta-di-pane-per-tramezzini View Detail

Cassetta di pane per tramezzini

Cassetta di pane per tramezzini
kit-burro-e-alici View Detail

Kit burro e alici

Kit burro e alici
casatiello View Detail


colomba_pere_e-cioccolato View Detail

Colomba pere e cioccolato

Colomba pere e cioccolato
colomba_classico View Detail

Colomba classica

Colomba classica
pizza al formaggio View Detail

Pizza marchigiana al formaggio

Pizza marchigiana al formaggio
  • il nostro servizio


    eventi e catering


    Antico Forno Roscioli is here for you, to support your event with its delicious and historic proposals. A team of expert bakers will create the products for you, our refrigerated vehicles will take care of the deliveries, while you will only have to taste them and enjoy the party.

    Whether it’s a birthday, a party for kids, a corporate event or whatever your idea, we will always be able to make it really special.

    eventi e catering


    Our catering proposals range from sweet to savoury, to satisfy every your desire. At your disposal a fleet of vehicles equipped to maintain all the quality of the products that we deliver. With free deliveries within the historic center of Rome.

    Flexibility, experience and punctuality are three features that make unique our catering service, satisfying every day the demands of hotels, caterers and food companies.

    per le aziende

    For Companies

    Our history is synonymous with accuracy, professionalism and reliability. For companies choosing Forno Roscioli as their supplier we guarantee on-time delivery, flexibility and experience in managing emergencies.

    At your disposal a fleet of six vehicles refrigerated and Euro5, in addition to vehicles with a particular technology to compensate the vapours, which allows us to deliver always hot and crisp bread. With the possibility of free deliveries within the historic center of Rome.

    We serve every day hotels, caterers and companies linked to the world of food, offering them a broad customization of the product : from the use of flours up to the size of the chosen bread, from the traditional forms up to the large sizes.




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